Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest place or hours.

Last night I had a strangest dream, one that is not necessarily fun and lovely. In fact, it was rather stressful and embarrassing, and I ended up waking up trying to figure out how I could solve the problem! In a frigging dream!

But the interesting thing was, I started to think more about the dream and realized it would fit perfectly in my WIP as a plot element. Change some characters, and situations, and the mood is just right and the situations would be a nice addition of what I try to accomplish with this part of the story, to get my characters from point D to where they need to be.

I love it when things happen this way, as if my subconsciousness (or muse, if you will) finally wakes up and tells me what I should do, instead of having me wander about in the dark.

It's not to say I should only write when inspiration strikes, and it's definitely not to say writing should be easy -- just let the subconscious mind take me. What I'm saying is, sometimes writing is purely magical -- it's less about the "work" and more about what's being accomplished -- and it's just as gratifying, if not more so, than hard work. Personally, I believe great writing involves this "magic" and I for one am not going to turn away magic just because it seems to come easy. Especially when this magic only comes once in a blue moon.

I've added about 1000 words today so far from this burst of dream-induced inspiration, and it's been a good day. I'm certainly not going to be an ungrateful son of a bitch by denying this kind of divine intervention. Call me lazy or whatever.

I welcome it.


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