Yesterday Was Music Day

Yesterday I didn't feel that "verbal" at all, so instead I focused on my musical side. I revised and updated a couple of pieces:

- Who Would You Fight For? (added some harmony in the second verse and chorus and cleaned it up a bit)

- Grace's Theme for The Terrapin's Trail (minor fixes and changes in arrangement)

- Finally, I recorded the song One Less Bell To Answer (with Kristen Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison).

It's very fun and I've learned more about my music software including Audacity.  For some reason, there's something wrong with my mic and it only recorded one channel (the left, and not the right), so I had to do some wrangling to make my vocal track stereo. I'm not really a sound mixer, so it's kind of fun and interesting to learn to mix my voice track with the recorded material. I think the result is pretty good (not completely "professional" but I think it's good for the untrained ears, at least. LOL).

But anyway, it's been a nice diversion from "the book." But I really should dive back into the novel.

I hope you guys like the music and songs, though. Let me know what you think.


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