Fuck It

Yeah, I don't really care how this page is going to be archived by Google and how it's going to look in the future if I ever become a known anything. Fuck it. Lately I've been so sick of being a nice guy, always trying to be polite and considerate and trying to make the other person feel welcome, but you know what? The world if full of crappy people who really don't give a fuck what I think anyway. I've been so pissed by so many things, so many people lately that I just want to throw up my hand and say, "You know what, I don't have to be a fucking nice guy all the time. So go to hell." And 100% of the time they would have deserved that. I want to be able to say that whenever I want to without thinking, "Oh geez, that's not very nice."

Now, that's not to mean that I'm going to be rude to everyone who crosses path with me. I respect people, until they give me a reason to despise them. Most of the time, I simply don't care. So if I don't know you or if you haven't crossed me, I'm going to just keep my mouth shut and let you go on your merry way. Otherwise, don't expect me to play it nice anymore.

What's so nice about nice anyway? It's okay if that's really who you are. But I'm not nice. No, hell no. I am far from nice. My parents want me to be nice. My teachers desired me to be nice. My bosses required me to be nice. And for once in my life, I just want to say and do anything I want without worrying about if I'm being "nice."

Fuck nice, especially when you have a 101.9˚F temperature.


Unique said…
OMG. Have I rubbed off on you?

I'm sorry.


Um. Well... feel better, Ray! I like the "nice" guy. :D

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