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21 authors around the world contributed to a masterpiece entitled Crack of Death. It's now available from Lulu Press. Check out my website for more information on this novel which is so bad that it's good. All proceeds for this book go to AbsoluteWrite to support their effort to expose scammers such as PublishAmerica.

My contribution was the biltifuly written Chpater 26. Buy one now, and read it and weep.

From mastermind/author Sharon Maas:

This is the work of 21 authors, most of them AWers you know and love; it was great fun writing, reading and putting it together, and I am delighted with the result. I think you'll agree that it's the second worst book in the world, after Atlanta Nights.

Originally, Crack of Death was conceived as a sting manuscript to bring down PA's alias PublishBritannica, and originally we wanted it to be an All-British work. We had the BBC Watchdog and Trading Standards interested, and quite possibly it would have gone on TV. However, the British writers I originally recruited backed out one by one, leaving only six of us behind; and then PublishBritannica sank anyway.

That's when I turned to AW members for help. The result is a Published Book that tells the following edge-of-your-seat story:

This exciting erotic thriller fiction novel is the story of the beautiful hairdresser Nancy whose life spirals out of control when she meets the exotic Roberto. Little does Audrey know that Roberto is in fact a dangerous Colombian Mafia Drug Lord. Can she escape the clutches of Cucaracha, Espadrillo and their Boss, the wicked La Madre? From the seething underbelly of Colombian drugs to the evil web of intrigue in London, Nancy is swept up in an adventure that will change her life forever, right up to the cliffhanger ending where the kindly Scotland Yard detective Garry Lamont vies with intrepid FBI agent Duane Malaysia for her favours. But is it too late?


Julia said…
How fun! I wish I'd been able to be a part of this. Maybe next time...

I've actually got an idea for a horrible POD book, to expose another popular "publisher." I'll see what I can come up with.

Congrats, Ray! :o)
Ray Wong said…
That sounds like a great idea, Julia!
. said…
I'm honoured to have collaburated with an other what wrote stuff like:

My contribution was the biltifuly written Chpater 26. Buy one now, and read it and weep.

I wish that maybe won day I can be as good as what ray is, cause he's my heroe.

Love from nichola, yur gratest fan.
Ray Wong said…
i wuv U2, nichola.

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