Weird News

Heard on the news today:

1. A large adult chimp escaped from the zoo and broke into someone's house. When the person got home, the monkey had cleaned the bathroom and was in the process of cleaning the living room. The zookeepers had no idea the monkey even knew how to clean.

2. A woman flew from London to Washington, D.C. When she went to get her cat, the carrier was damaged and the cat was gone. They just found the cat today. He has been living in the cargo hold where they store the luggage. He had lived there for days and has been to almost every country in Europe and the US. He must have been the world's most traveled cat.


Julia said…
Can the chimp come clean my house? ;o)

If that had been my cat I'd have been worried sick. The poor baby!

Off to cuddle my cat.
Ray Wong said…
No, I just replaced my cleaning person with the chimp. Now I only need to pay with bananas.
Can I borrow your chimp?

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