Day 101

Yesterday was a bust. Still didn't feel too well so instead of working on the WIP, I blogged and did something else instead. Also, I just heard the news that my editor's father had died, and that made me really sad. Richard is a great guy and my thoughts are with him and his family.

When I'm sick, I tend to be kind of a baby, not a BIG baby, but still a baby. Meaning I do tend to give myself all kind of reasons and excuses not to do anything. I haven't gone to the gym for more than a week now (but that's a good thing: no need to spread the germs or get more germs). I've probably written fewer than 1000 words on the WIP. I haven't paid my bills. I haven't called my mom. I've been a lump and I wasn't really bedridden. Just tired.

But today is the 101th day and it's a new beginning. And it's great because a friend of mine just agreed to help push me toward my goal:

I now have a deadline.

I am expected to deliver my writing every week to an actual person, and not just blog about it. I've been honest about my progress on this blog, but still, there really isn't much liability. If I skip a day or a week, no one is going to yell at me. But now, hopefully things will change.

1000 words, 33200 words total
264 days and 152300 words to go


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