Day 86

I get so angry sometimes. But that's okay, I guess; sometimes we just need to let off some steam.

It's not just that I can't stand bigheaded people who simply don't get it, but I'm also mad at myself for being baited. I should have known better. The thing is, I've walked away from so many asinine discussions with idiots that I feel like I'm being a wuss. I have to tell myself, it is OK to stand my own ground, and maybe even be a badass even if I get banned or punished. It's worth it. And of course, the trolls would try to play victim: "Oh, why do you attack me so much?" Excuse me? If you fling shit at the fan, you're going to get it flung back at you! And I'll be damned to let someone shit all over me. You try to kick me, and I'll kick you five times harder. So, just try fucking with me.


That said, I had a good day, all things considered. Sometimes you put things back in perspective and you realize, it's all so stupid and trivial. A soldier just shot 11 people in Ft. Hood. Perhaps it is a good thing to walk away from something before everything/everyone reaches a boiling point? Or, perhaps it is good to blow off steam beforehand?

You know what, I did feel much better after I blew off some steam and said my peace, and fuck if others don't agree -- I owe them no obligation or apologies. I really don't think it's healthy to just let your anger simmer. Of course, it doesn't mean we must always verbalize our anger or put into action, but I really don't think it's a healthy thing to keep it bottled up either. There are many ways to defuse and work out the aggression: taking a long drive, punching a bag, jogging, working out. The last thing you want to do is reach for the bottle or gun. Some things are just irreversible.

500 words, 31200 words total
279 days and 154300 words to go


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