Day 110

Let's try something different... most people wait until the end of the year to make their new year's resolutions. I do that every year, too. But I'd like to make a few END OF THE YEAR resolutions for the last month of the decade. Crazy? Probably. Impossible? We'll see.

1. Write 20,000 words by January 1, 2010
2. Learn to e-trade better and achieve an ROI of 50% by December 31
3. Finish writing and recording three new, original songs
4. Keep a regular workout schedule of 3x a week, 1.5 hours per session
5. Cut down on total carb and sugar intake -- lower my cholesterol and triglyceride levels to within normal range

I think these are achievable goals even though I have only one month to go. OK, the exercise and writing goals could be challenging, since I'll doing some holiday traveling and vacationing. That means I would have to work harder during the first half of December! But the way I look at it: If I don't set any goals, I'd never achieve any of these. None. So it's better to have goals and miss them than to have no goals at all.

500 words, 34500 words total
255 days and 151000 words to go


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