I Present You THE QUERY

After slaving over my query for the past week, I think I have it down. It's perfect. I love it.

To pay it forward, I'd like to show you how a query is done, and what a great query looks now. Eat your heart out, and thank me later.

My new query:

Hey Agent Dude,

I've got a kick-ass manuscript here that will make me the next Grisham-Rowling-Meyer-King thingummy and make you very rich. What is it about? Your just have to find out. Prepare to get your socks knocked off. Yo, call me.

Rock on, baby,

RaWo aka Ray Wong


Janna Qualman said…
I think you nailed it.
Anonymous said…
I've actually seen versions of that query in my submissions inbox. Makes me roll my eyes every time. ;)

There's just no please some of us, is there?
Ray Wong said…
Wouldn't that be a great "gag" query? You think the agent/editor would be offended? :)

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