New Book...

Alright, I finished editing draft 3 over the weekend and I've been twitching to do draft 4. However, draft 3 is now out to my betas (all five of you, THANK YOU!), and I really must stop tinkering with it... for at least the next two weeks.  I've met my deadline (September 30) already.

Now what?  OK, I can play with my music. I have a few songs I need to finish writing. But I'm itching to write WORDS (funny how our brains work... especially the part that says "obsession").

While traveling today, I realized I should start on a new novel. This would be something kind of like NaNo, and I have a very good idea what it should be. At least an idea and a premise. So I think I'm going to start working on it tomorrow and see where that takes me.

I mean, I still have that outstanding 500-words-a-day challenge going on anyway (but who is keeping tabs?)...



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