Day 112

I wrote 2600 words in two days. The trick? Lots of dialogue! I find that if I write tons of dialogue, I could easily hit 1000-1500 in one sitting. The words just roll out.

When I'm writing narrative, it's like drilling for oil. 500 words seem like an epic.

I'm wondering, maybe I should just write the rest of the WIP as dialogue, and then fill in the blanks later with narrative. That seems like such a good plan until I realize that's just cheating. At least, that's what I think.

I'm trying to knock 1000 words off the park today -- it's deadline day. I need 3500 words this week.


After a gorgeous day (sunny, clear sky, warm, and a perfect bright full moon), it's gloomy and rainy today. Not to mention the drivers around town are idiots. Seriously. It is NOT that difficult to drive in drizzles; you just need to be a bit more careful, pay attention, and try not to speed. But of course, by noon, there were already two or three accidents. It's amazing how signficantly the DQ (driving quotient) would dip once you get within the beltway of the city. It's like suddenly people forget how to drive.

And don't get me started on stereotypes. I know they're bad, but they're also true. I'm Asian, and I hate Asian drivers. Granted, I'm not the best driver in the world (could use a few more hours on the speedway), but whenever I visit my parents in California (they live in an area heavily populated by Asians), I'm amazed by how poorly people drive there. Even my dad, who is in his 70s but has over 45 years of driving experience, complains about the bad drivers. He said these people "have money to buy cars, but no money to learn to drive."

500 words, 36000 words total
253 days and 149500 words to go


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