Day 115

Heard from the news:

A young street musician was in the Pittsburgh Guitars store on the Southside, and was allowed to try out an old four-string banjo that was made in the 1930s. It had a nice sound. The store was a little busy as it approached closing time. A salesperson asked if he planned to buy the banjo. He replied that he couldn’t since he only had about $100 to last him until Christmas. He then hung the banjo back on the wall and went outside, where he was hanging out and talking to some friends. A store person came out and put the banjo and case in front of him. He was baffled until the store clerk explained. The actor, Russell Crowe, who is in town making a movie, was in the store, heard the discussion about the banjo and bought it for the street musician. He was gone before anyone could say ‘thank you."

How is this for a random act of kindness?


Joe Iriarte said…
That's cool. I've heard so many negative stories about Crowe, it's good to hear about him being a good guy.
Ray Wong said…
I think Crowe is a good guy who happens to love acting but not the fame thing -- I think his anger issue in the past (and the bad boy image) stems from his despise of the media and the lack of privacy as a celebrity.

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