Day 136

Ooops, it seems like I haven't updated this blog for 15 days. My bad. Well, you know how it is: the holidays, traveling, personal stuff, people to see, people to piss off...

That's not to say I haven't written anything since December 11. I have started on Part Two of the book and it has been going well. I decided to write in first person (from the POV of one of the protagonists) and it's been interesting so far. Not only am I glad to get into her head, but it adds some mystery to the story, too, as the readers would wonder what happened to the other main character. So far, it's been pretty good.

Still, I haven't been as productive as I should, and I hope that would change in the new year. There will hopefully be no distractions and a few months of nothing to do except to write... would it be bliss or dread? We shall see.

3500 words, 40500 words total
229 days and 145000 words to go


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