Day 114

I got a piece of hate mail today. At first, I had a WTF moment. Then I couldn't stop laughing because:

a) I've gotten hate mail before and it's always along the line of "you're untalented." Don't they know another insult?

b) it's usually written poorly. It's like a drunk accusing of others for being smashed

This really cracks me up.

Here is the e-mail in its entirety, unedited:

From: Scott XXXX (seriously, at least show me your real name)
Subject: Your status as author

I saw your comments to my friend and will tell you this- you are not talented in writing.
My friend kicks your ass in that department. It does not matter how many books your friends and family have bought to boost your self esteem. You are not the great writer you pretend to be so here is advice: don't piss off strangers.
Be brave ,face to face and if not, then do not act holier than thou.
Just friendly advice which I hope I never have to repeat.

I'm sorry, Scott. If you thought your e-mail would sour my mood, you were completely wrong. In fact, it brightened my day. It made me laugh. And I have to thank you for lifting my mood today and making me want to write even better.

I like my friend's response the best:

Thank you for your interest in me and my literature. It means a lot to know you people in your corner and it is people like you that make writing what I love. Keep reading, keep living, keep loving.




Dawn Colclasure said…
Yikes. There's hate mail, and then there is HATE mail. The kind we grow to love. LOL Good on ya for taking it so well. :)
Melanie Avila said…
I understand if you don't say, but I'm so curious where you left a comment that the person's friend felt it necessary to put you in "your place." People...

I'm glad you don't let crap like this bother you.
Ray Wong said…
There is no "friend." The person, who didn't even use his real name, also posted something in my guestbook on my website. And I know who he is. He just didn't like what I had to say about publishing, because he was self-published.
Jason "the best hatemail responder" Anderson said…
My response was the funniest! Yay! That just brightened my day as well.

Isn't it great that one act of intended maliciousness can bring joy to so many people? I guess that's why God made it so dang funny to watch a friend fall down:

*friend falls*
Me: Are you ok?
Friend: Yeah, I'm fine
Me: Good, ha ha ha!
Ray Wong said…
* Watch Jason fall *

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