Day 113

Some guys online were talking about our first cars. I remember mine. I just got my license and I wanted to get a CHEAP used car for school and also an eventual job. This girl at my apartment had one for sale. It was an ugly Buick Skylark but it was cheap.

The thing is, it lasted two winters and through some of the worst blizzards we had. When every car on the road was stalled and stuck in the snow, mine kept going. I remember going to a company Christmas dinner with my then-girlfriend and it took us over 2 hours to get to where we needed to be. All the way I was so afraid my junk car would stall but it didn't fail me.

Eventually, it did die, and I was only too happy to replace it with a brand new car. How loyal I was.

And since then, I have not bought any American cars.

This is my current car: A Toyota MR2 Spyder. I guess I've moved up quite a bit.

I've had the car for about 5 years now. Still running well. Still fun to drive. Best of all, it has a gas-mileage of 35 MPG. For a sports car! I love this car.


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