This has gotta be my new favorite paragraph from my upcoming novel, Beyond the Banyan Tree (represented by Sandy Lu at L. Perkins Agency):

Another half hour or so, and the car slowed and went over a bump. They made a left onto a narrow two-lane road, which gradually wound down a grade. He looked back and watched the buff serpent being swallowed by the clouds of dust. Like a flickering 8mm film, images of the motorcycle rides, how the hot sun had beaten down on his youthful skin, and how life, blooming with questions and answers and choices but no consequences, flashed through his mind. The road now slithered into silent oblivion as the driver narrated its demise. Or so it seemed. The irony rattled its scaly tail: he had left as a young man and returned a gnarled stranger. The vehicle made another left. Suddenly the jungle came into view.


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