Road Rage

Oh no. After living and working in LA for over 18 months, I think I have turned into one of those road-rage maniacs.

Little things annoy me now, like people cutting me off, slow drivers (seriously, the speed limit is 55mph why are you going 40?), morons (which lane do you want -- pick one!), and assholes (don't tailgate me when I'm already going 80mph). Oh, I almost hit a motorcyclist today because he was zipping past cars after cars and I couldn't see him right behind me trying to pass.  These cyclists are disasters waiting to happen.

And just because you are riding motorcycles doesn't mean you can ignore the law. They don't stop at stop lights. They go between lanes. They go in and out of lanes. They don't turn on their turn signals. These daredevils are not just endangering themselves; they are threatening MY safety. Where are the cops?

No wonder I get so angry behind the wheels these days. About a month ago I witnessed an event that was worth a scene in Fast and the Furious. A speeding car zipping from lane to lane tried to past a slower car in the passing lane, so it made a fateful decision to go between the car and a semi. It hit the semi, making the truck spin a little. The top of that car flew off but the car kept going.  About a half mile away it finally stopped and two Latino kids scampered out of the car and dashed off. Gangs? Drugs? Illegal immigrants?  Who knows?  But that was a close call for me as I was right behind the semi.

Like I said, no wonder I have road rage. These people endanger me!

And don't even mention Asian drivers. The stereotype is true, and multiply that by a few million and that's LA. I'm ashamed to be an Asian driver myself, not because I am bad, but because will assume that I am bad and I can't blame them. Some of these Asian drivers are so bad that I wonder if they ever passed driving tests. Who put them on the road?

Road rage.

Yesterday I flipped off another driver. He honked at me, and I flipped him off again. I didn't care if he might have a gun. I just didn't. Then I sped up and passed the motherfucker at about 90mph. See you later! 

What is happening to me?  I've become this angry driver on the road. Slow drivers are particularly annoying, because they're neither dangerous (so I can't blame them) or careless. They're just in my way to get to where I need to go. Please, please, please observe the speed limit. Please. Just because you don't want to speed doesn't mean you have to go 20 mph under limit. That's super annoying.

Where are my chill pills?


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