What is old is new again

Blogging is like the new tweeting, except I can write more than 140 characters. To me, Twitter has always been a bit too ADD for me, both for the tweeters and the readers. It's really good for quick quips or fast news, or links to the actual article or news items such as a blog post. I see Twitter as one-liners and a quick launchpad for the whole show, which is more like blogs.

So, I've started blogging again, as you can see. It's been kind of cool. I've always felt uncomfortable with blogging as if I was writing novels. It's felt so permanent so I felt like I needed to project some kind of image -- a respectable author, perhaps. Now I realize, this is no different than Twitter, except I can write more than 140 characters. It's basically a place for me to brain-dump my thoughts. Every blog post is a snapshot of my thoughts and feelings of the moment. They are not meant to be "permanent," no more permanent than a tweet. What's interesting, however, is that there's an archive of all these thoughts and feelings at the moment, and to me, it's a great thing. You can't really search through your own tweets and see what stupid things you said two years ago, but you can with blogs. And it's fascinating sometimes, to see the mind/heart journey I've gone through over the years. It's fair to say that I am not quite the same person I was two years ago, or five, or ten. So to me, Blogger has become rather like a time capsule of my psyche, and it's been rather fascinating to go back in time and read what I had to say, who I was as a person.

So blog on, my friend. Blog on. 


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