I, The Hulk

I've gained about 15 pounds in the past 3 months, but I haven't really bought any new clothes (especially work clothes, which are expensive, so I am holding off getting new ones). Now I feel like I'm the Hulk ready to burst out of my shirts and pants (which I guarantee you won't be a pretty sight).

Granted, at 180 pounds I am not big at all. Not even close to being big, but still, when you consider I was a 130-lb weakling throughout my 20s and had held steady at between 160-165 in the past decade, this is quite an adjustment for me. I am now 50 lbs (or 38%) heavier than I was in college. Friends who haven't seen me since highschool or college are going to be shocked. The other day my mom was commenting on how my arms are now bigger than her thighs. That's just hilarious (hi Mom!)

My goal is to hit maybe 190# by next Spring.  The last 10 pounds is going to be a bitch.


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