Happy New Year!

I forgot to wish everyone a Happy New Year! How silly. But here it is.

If last year was like a false start, I hope this year is the "real deal."

False start. Last year, my book didn't come out in November as I'd expected. It was a bummer, and the extra four months' wait was a torture. Fortunately, there's only slightly more than a month to go. The end is near. Also, I submitted a short story to an anthology. In November, I received an email saying that the anthology had been canceled. Fortunately, they still wanted to buy my piece, but as an eBook. So hopefully I will see something materialize in 2006.

Also, I had hoped to finish the ms. of "A Long Way From Here" by December. It didn't happen because I was too wrapped up in the pre-release of The Pacific Between. I did manage to pass the 50,000-word mark this year. I am hoping to finally finish the first draft of ALWFH this year.

My goal this year is to get the words out about The Pacific Between, and get it into the stores. It's going to be fun.


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