Is It Official?

OK, it seems like it's now official, and ahead of schedule! My novel, The Pacific Between (ISBN: 1-933016-32-9), are ready to be ordered and shipped. According to, it will be shipped within 24 hours. Whee!

I'm so psyched!


p.s. thanks for indulging me. But I can finally call myself a published novelist, now.

ETA: reviews:

- Plain Dealer
- January Magazine
- Other reviews and accolades

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susie said…
Hi, Ray,

I'm very happy for you and so hope your book sells like hotcakes! Congats & many more successes.

Hugs, susie:)
Ray Wong said…
Thanks Susie! You're so very kind.
Patrick said…
I would call that official, Ray! Congratulations and great success!

Unique said…
I'm proud of you, Ray.
Can't wait to see the next one!
paintbrushpoet said…
You be the one Ray! I will look forward to reading it!
Many Congrats!

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