New E-Book Platform

This is interesting. The problem with existing e-book readers, which are based on LCD technology, is that it's hard on the eyes. After while, the glare and the flickering of LCD screens become tiring and annoying. With the new "e-paper," the manufacturer (SONY) says it will look just like paper and ink.

I've always liked e-books and readers because I'm a technophile, but I never really got into procuring and reading a lot of e-books because of the aforementioned problem -- that's the same reason why I can't on computer screens for too long. With this new iteration of e-paper technologies, I think they might very well be on to something revolutionary. The idea of being able to download books and take not one, not ten, but 100 books with you on your trips is very exciting. If they can make e-book readers comfortable to use over a long period of time (let's face it, when we "curl up" with a book, we spend many hours doing so in one sitting).


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