99 Words of Horror Contest

Matt D. is running a Halloween flash fiction contest on his site, Fireflies in the Cloud. He has some very strict rules -- okay, they're not that strict. The only difficult part is that the word count has to be 99. Why 99, and not 69, I don't know. But it sounds like a fun thing to do. I love flash fiction, especially if I can fit a lot of story in very few words. There's something very satisfying about that.

So here's my entry. Enjoy!

The Scarf

She took the scarf from the closet. Tom’d given it to her yesterday. Made of silk from Indonesia, the scarf caressed her neck as if Tom was touching her. She rolled the scarf into a ball the size of her fist.

She slipped into the living room and stared at the fireplace. Tom and she had made love on the throw rug the night before.

"Happy anniversary," she said.

She tossed the scarf in the fire.


In seconds, the scarf curled and crumpled, settling on the pile of ashes. Next to fragments of Tom's and her sister's bones.


Oooo. Totally unpredicted ending. Love it! Good luck.
Ray Wong said…
LOL. Good luck to you, too! May the best woman win.

Dayngr said…
Creepy with a touch of revenge, just how I like it. Oh, and yet another reason never to get married...
Anonymous said…
Yeah, women aren't into scarves too much.
Sheepy said…
my mum likes scarves!

I didn't guess that ending. Nice one.
Ray Wong said…
thanks :) My mom likes scarves too. Fortunately, my dad's name isn't Tom. LOL.

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