Scattered I Am

I'm such a scatter-brain airhead today. I have a million things to do, phone calls to make, and a few deadlines to meet. And what have I been thinking all day? Working on my novel. And making a music video.

Say what?

Yeah, music video. My creative instinct somehow shifts to that arena. It must be all the talk about Google's $1.65B purchase of YouTube. Suddenly it seems like the possibility is limitless. I can post videos of my book readings. And music videos. Yes, you heard it right -- I want my MTV, man.

But I really do need to get back to these phone calls, the never-ending To-Do list.

Do you think Jessica Simpson will call back?


Julia said…
I don't know about Jessica Simpson, but I bet there are dozens of ladies at AW who'd call you back. ;o)

You're a hoot.
Art_Addiction said…
I was in the same boat today. I had a ten page deadline by 5pm . . . and, more than once, I found myself distracted by playing around with journal layouts/themes. ::sighs::
Ray Wong said…
Jessica Simpson didn't call.

Now I'm waiting for Paris Hilton.
Anonymous said…
Jessica Simpson is on my to-do list also.
Ray Wong said…
I'm not going there, Matt. LOL.

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