My First Podcast

Here's my first podcast: Reading The Pacific Between

By the way, I'll have having more Podcasts in the future. Make sure you subscribe to them either via iTune or your Podcast/RSS readers. The RSS/URL for the podcast subscription is:


I can see you've been really busy lately! This is wonderful hearing you read from you book, Ray. Great idea!
Ray Wong said…
Ugh, I hate my voice and my reading... I wish I could hire a REAL actor to read it for me.
Bwhahahaha! You are a "real" actor!
Ray Wong said…
GAG. I either want a perfect American accent or some exotic one like Jude Law's, but not my own. I sound awful.
Unique said…
So you think no one visits your blogs, eh? Well, then... I'll just leave a comment *every* *single* time I visit and you haven't updated.

So take that! En garde!

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