We Writers...

You know, we writers are such silly creatures.

We think we are so good, so intelligent, and have so much to offer the world that we write books.

When we're done, we think we suck and nobody would ever want to buy our work.

When someone does, we think they're crazy. How could they possibly?

And when the book comes out, we think we're frauds. We hope the public won't find out how horrible we are.

At the book signings, we think we're celebrities. We think our best work is still ahead.

Then the cycle begins again.

Wash. Rince. Rince again.


Paprikapink said…
perfect summation, ray. at least i imagine it must be, having never gotten past phase one myself. :-)

congratulations on finalisting!
Ray Wong said…
:) You will soon find out it's all true. We are nuts.
Julia said…
You've put into words what I've been thinking lately, and I haven't even published a book yet. You're a wonder. And we (at AW) miss you! xoxo
I remember having this conversation with you, Ray. :) I told you then, you were so right! Hope the writing is going well, we need you back at AW!
Ray Wong said…
Hi Julia! Great seeing you. And Jo, shhhhhh!

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