It's Gonna Be Interesting

It's gonna be an interesting November. No, I am not doing NaNo, but I will be writing. I've just been challenged by Lori to a race. Granted, it's a not a fair race (yes, you heard me, Lori: It's NOT) -- she's set a date for the completion of her rewrite, and now she wants to race me. She wants to see if I can finish the first draft of A Long Way From Here (code name: Crap, the Novel) and type "The End" by the same date. She has a real sense of humor, don't you think?

Anyway, even though I seriously doubt I can even type fast enough to achieve that, I need that extra kick and all the motivation I need. So I accepted the challenge, and may disappear for the next 40 days and 40 nights.

Meanwhile, I still have the readings in New York to contend with, plus another book signing the day before the election, plus a fiction workshop I have to prepare for. And some other things. Not to mention the turkeys and giblets of Thanksgiving.

Oh, I guess I'd better get goin' now. Wish me luck.


Unique said…
Is it illegal to place bets on both sides?

Go Ray! To quote a friend, 'Write like your face is on fire!'
I'm rooting for you, Ray. Get that novel finished! Go write!
Ray Wong said…
Ow, you're supposed to say, go play and eat cake!

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