Stories of My Life

Yes, I have started yet another blog, as if I don't have enough useless, nobody-ever-reads-'em blogs already. But I think this one is going to be fun, at least for me.

While I, the Author is a good place for me to vent, or ponder about life's rich lessons, I'd like to have a separate place for my stories, and I didn't like where they are now, on my website, which is rather static and difficult to update. I think a blog would be a simple, elegant, and effective medium.

Lately, I've thought of writing some short stories about my life (with minor embellishments, of course -- that's what we memoirists do) that are occasionally somewhat humorous, perhaps a bit insightful, maybe a little inspirational, or just plain silly. But these are true stories (again, with writerly embellishments) that made me who I am now. And hopefully, some of you may enjoy reading them.

I hope to keep it updated often enough, as least for now, because I'm having fun writing these stories. Whether there's an audience is not my concern at this point. I'm just enjoying the process of reliving and writing them.
Have fun reading, and let me know what you think. Here it is:

Stories of My Life.


Another place to link and read. Guess I'll be heading over there too. ;)

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