Day 27 & 28

Hi, my name is Ray, and I'm a stallaholic.

Yes, I think I'm stalling, and I think I may actually enjoy stalling. What do I mean? I think we've all been there as writers: we keep tweaking and writing more on a scene, especially a transitional scene, when what we REALLY want to write, the big scenes, come next. That's what I've been doing these two days -- I have a huge scene coming up, an important confrontation and plot point; things are going to change after this. So what have I been doing the last two days? Adding words to a transitional scene, one where the protagonist is traveling, making his way to where he needs to be.


The transition is by no means trivial -- it sets the mood, and creates a certain expectation, or intrigue, or suspense -- whatever you want to call it. I enjoy writing the transition, but it's still only transition. In many ways, the whole can and probably will be cut out in subsequent drafts. So why did I just spend two days working on such a scene? Was it supposed to be a literary exercise? Was I doing a literary throat-clearing?

Indeed, I think I'm stalling. Because I'm scared shitless about tackling the big plot point. It daunts me.

How can I stop myself from stalling? By plunging into the cold water, of course.

Therefore, what I want to do tomorrow is to completely abandon this transitional scene and get on with the big plot point.

Take the plunge.

Head first.

Wish me luck.

200 word, 11200 words total
337 days and 174300 words to go


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