Day 45

What a dreadful day!

The stock market sinks -- one of my stocks lost over 5% today. I had a splitting headache that just wouldn't go away. It's been raining all day. And look at my biorhythm for the day (and week): it's like the planets have aligned to make me feel miserable.

So here I am, staring at my WIP once again and feeling MEH. I know I can add 500 words to it, but they are most definitely going to be shit. So why bother? I'm just going to end up deleting them. Right now, I just want to crawl in bed and sleep off the rest of the week.

But write I must. I've made a promise to myself to write 500 words a day, even if they are crap.

Same old story. Why do I keep repeating myself. It's getting tiresome.

In fact, maybe I should just run naked in the rain and get arrested for it. That would be something unusual.

500 words, 19000 words total
320 days and 166500 words to go


Carpe Diem said…
Naked in the rain? Awesome!

Who says writing is sitting down all day staring at a blank screen and being boring? Gotta live it up!

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