Day 30

It's been a month since I started this challenge, and so far, I've been keeping up with it. Granted, I'm still about 1000 words short of my target -- so, yeah, I've had a couple of bad days. But the year is still young, and with Fall and Winter coming soon, I'd have nothing else to except write. Right? :)

While waking up and feeling groggy this morning, I had a thought, an idea of a new novel. Not a very sophisticated one, not like my WIP now, but an interesting one, I think. This kind of things always happen when I'm half-asleep. I wonder why. It's like my mind goes into a this place of wild imagination where my consciousness doesn't try to control or conceal. The other night, for example, I had a vivid dream with a beginning, middle, and end! If only my brain could physically write or manifest a manuscript (don't try to steal this idea... I already wrote a short story about that :) ).

Speaking of following dreams. Listening to Barbara Padilla, a housewife and cancer survivor, sing gives me chills (video). She reminds me of a friend of mine, Angela, who sang beautifully (and still does, I'm sure) and now a mother and a nurse. She has the greatest of heart and is a wonderful person, with a great voice. :) I wish all her dreams would come true just as it does for Barbara Padilla.

Let's keep our dreams real. Let's do it.

Oh, and happy 09/09/09

500 words, 13700 words total
335 days and 171800 words to go


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