Day 44

Some people asked me why I blog.

I'm not entirely sure. I think part of it is that I have something to say, and I don't want that to disappear in cyberspace. I enjoy expressing myself, whether it's about writing or life or something that excites me or just some silly stuff -- this is me. I kind of wear my thoughts and feelings on my sleeves and I find "blogging" a good outlet for me. In real life, especially with people I don't really know, I'm rather quiet and reserved. I don't like to reveal too much about myself. Online, on a blog or something, I tend to open up a lot more, and probably tell people too much about myself.

But that's okay. If one day I find the whole thing too intimidating and troublesome, I can just nuke it.

Right now, I do enjoy this blog as an outlet for me to write, whether anyone reads it or not. Who knows? Maybe a few years down the road, when I become famous or dead, someone will read back all my posts here and wonder: This guy's kind of cool. It certainly is fun to read back what I wrote five years ago. Or three years ago. I think blogging, in that sense, is definitely more personal than MySpace or Facebook or Twitter -- those are more about social networking and the "moment." Blogging is more nostalgic in many ways.

So, yeah, I still blog, and I've been blogging so much more lately since I started the 500 words a day challenge. And it's a good thing. It keeps the creative juices flowing.

500 words, 18500 words total
321 days and 167000 words to go


Marianne said…
I can relate to your reasons for blogging. I'm for it as well!

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