Black Friday

Oh my! I opened my email and there were like two dozen ads from different vendors on their Black Friday sales. Sometimes I'm just so tired of this barrage of commercialism in the world. Buy, buy, buy. You won't be happy until you get this thing you absolutely want but ultimately don't need. Buy, buy, buy. Makes me yearn for the quiet country where life is simple. No malls. No ads. No traffic. No Black Fridays.

Except, I've got to have my unlimited broadband Internet access!

(what are you laughing at?)


Dawno said…
Nobody's laughing here. Broadband, 4 computers running (two for me, two for the SO).

I plan to do as much shopping on line as I possibly can and stay out of the malls unless it's impossible to do so. And I've NEVER shopped on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Although I once had to shop on the Saturday before Christmas. It's nearly as bad.
Ray Wong said…
I once shopped on Christmas Eve (why? don't ask). It was the worst nightmare. I vowed to myself never to do it again.

I really do yearn for a simpler, quieter holiday season when it's all about being with someone special by the fire... and not about what MP3 player I'm going to get... I absolutely do NOT want any gifts this year.

Am I crazy?
Dawno said…
Perhaps, but not because you want a simpler holiday and no gifts :-)

I like getting gifts that show someone was really thinking about who I am and what I like. But if it's just an obligation, well, please - buy as many copies of SOS as the money you were gonna spend on me will buy, ok? That's what I'd rather 'get' for Christmas.

I've done the Christmas Eve thing, too. The gift I had ordered for my nephew didn't arrive on time so I was stuck. Yes, it was a nightmare.

Here's my secret vice - the morning after Christmas. I can't force myself to ignore all the great deals on seasonal holiday stuff I can put away for the next year.

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