An Excerpt a Day - November 25

Next to that is a high-contrast portrait of an old, diminutive Chinese lady, sitting on a foot-high three-legged stool in a small stone-paved alley, her face dry like a shriveled prune, laden with deep, crisscrossed lines of life's rich tales. Her eyes droop with sadness, as if she has been waiting for something or someone for most of her life. She's still waiting.

(from the novel The Pacific Between)

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Dawno said…
Ray, that's another lovely excerpt.

How much longer do I have to wait for my book?? You should find a count-down thingie (yes, that's the technical term for it, isn't it) and put it up on the site so I'll stop asking.

By the way, is she waiting for the bunny?
Ray Wong said…
I'll be running out of lovely excerpts soon. Then all that's left would be crappy sentences like "I have cake, and I eat it, too. That and the bunny."

What's with you and bunnies? :)

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