Pray For Our Children Lost

Read this story and weep for our children lost. Lost in a culture where guns are as readily available as a pack of gum. Lost in a culture where love is easy and lives are cheap. Lost in a world where the gap between a parent and child is defined by the amount of TV, video games, and violent movies that romanticize dangerous love. Lost in a society where children or their parents are not "responsible" for what they do to others. Lost in the clean, neat suburbs where pain and secrets lurk behind the white picket fences and three-door garages. Lost in a culture where meanness and vengeance are glorified on reality TV. Lost in a world where values are set by money, not by heart. Lost in a place where parents are kids and kids are parents. Lost in a reality where sex is about power and not about love.



rosemerry said…
Maybe they are related to Lizzie Borden. She killed her parents.

On a more serious note: It is very sad to read this. I could believe the girl that she went with her boyfriend willingly. What we think is love can make us do strange things.
Mac said…
We had a kid (late teens, maybe twenty) walk into a local mall with what early reports suggest was an AK-47, a couple of days ago.

He didn't kill anyone, by the grace of whatever powers may be--but wounded many.

There's something very, very wrong with what is happening to our young people.

Also deeply wrong is that they have such easy access to the guns they use to act out their alienation.
Unknown said…
I know I'm not desensitized, because each time I read or hear of something such as this tragedy, I am stunned. It seems they are getting younger with each occurrence--so sad.

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