Electronic Paper

Remember the scene in Minority Report, in the subway, where Tom Cruise's character was reading the headlines of a man's electronic version of USA Today? How cool was that. Well, perhaps we don't have to wait until 2025 for it.

Thanks to Jill, I came across this article about the eInk technology. I've been hearing and reading about electronic paper, on and off, for the last few years. What's amazing is that the emerging hardware/software technology won't limit application to print media only. Powered by wi-fi, it could become the next wave of mobile devices -- Internet, IM, calls, even interactive media.

How exciting.


Dawno said…
But when I download an ebook will I need to have 100 sheets of ePaper? :-)

I remember reading about this tech quite a while ago - but it's really improved. The potential uses just go on and on. Imagine eventually having textiles that you can just download a design on to suit your mood. "Hmm, today I think I'll go with paisley"

So cool. I wanna live in a Star Trek world before I'm too old to enjoy it.
Ray Wong said…
Ooh, the textile one is good -- but I doubt it's feasible (as far as feel goes). But definitely they should be able to make the ePaper look like anything -- an antique book, a scroll, etc. I'm excited. Imagine packing 500 books, 100 magazines, 20 newspapers and all your documents and WIPs on a thin sheet of ePaper and take it with you on business or vacation. That'd be so cool.

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