I Wish to be In Los Angeles

OK, I don't necessarily love living there -- the house prices, the traffic... oy! But the weather is generally nice. It's next to the ocean and near the mountains and deserts. And so many fun and hip things to do. For example, next week, Rob Marshall is going to be at ArcLight showing and talking about Memoirs of a Geisha -- how cool is that? If you're into movies, LA really is the place to be. I'm not talking about having "stars" in your eyes. I am talking about meeting interesting people and being close to the industry and learning things about it. Like last month, I met a really cool couple. The husband works as a set designer for TV shows and the wife works as a product placement rep. They are wonderful, friendly people. We had dinner, then they got me to the taping of Will & Grace as a VIP. They didn't even blink. I'd been trying to see the taping for years. It was so much fun. Only in LA do I have that kind of opportunities. I've also met people who have worked on shows and movies that I adore, and sometimes they take me to the set and it's really interesting. I'm such a movie buff that it really means a lot to me to be able to walk on the set and talk to the actors and crew. That's something I really like about LA.


September said…
How beautiful the snow is. I rarely get to experience such beauty. In fact, I was just telling someone that it does not feel like Thanksgiving weather. Kids around school still wear shorts and tank tops. It's been in the 70s, I still use the A/C in my car daily and it's just too warm to be Thanksgiving.
Oh how I wish rain would come - rain in the valley usually translates to snow in the mountains.
SS / Visalia, California

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