An Excerpt A Day - November 30

Time seems to slow down on this jagged bump of an island and fishing village southwest of Hong Kong. A mosaic of at least three hundred boats and junks, large and small -- their long masts and ragged, batten sails wavering about -- drifts in the sheltered harbor. The breeze is damp with the smell of salt and fish.

(from the novel The Pacific Between)

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Ray, you posted only the end of that paragraph! The beginning of that same paragraph is beautiful as well. It was one of my many favorites. ;)
Ray Wong said…
You're way too kind, Joanne. But I don't want to post everything online. :) Leave some for later.
Of course, small excerpts are great! You've picked some great ones, too. Just enough to spark interest.
Ray Wong said…
I'm trying to find excerpt that won't give away the plot. ;)

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