On Rejections

Take the "awful writers who will never get published" out of the equation first. Given that your book is indeed good, I truly believe that the more you submit, the better your chances of finding the right agent or publisher.

Every one of my rejection helped me move forward toward acceptance. Either I improved my queries, or updated my ms. based on repeated suggestions, or I learned to target the market better. Also, it made my skin so much thicker. By the time I accumulated 25 rejections, I was submitting like clockwork, efficient and without any kind of "oh geez, they really don't like me" self-doubt. I also learned to look for the right agents and check all the guidelines. By rejection #40 I was a lean, mean submission machine. And by rejection #65, I got accepted.

It could happen to you.


I'm so happy you didn't get rejection #66. "The Pacific Between" was meant to be published. Here's hoping the next book hits the stands even quicker. :)
Ray Wong said…
I have a feeling that I'd have kept going until I hit rejection, oh let's say, 266? I don't know. I got lucky, I suppose. The first book is the toughest, and hopefully if it sells okay, it'll be easier for the second one (WHEN I finish it) to find a home.

Thanks for you constant encourage, Jo. You're a champ.

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