A Bunch of Stories

After getting two short stories ("Better Safe Than Sorry" and "The Coins") published in, like, 5 years, I decided to self-publish a collection of nine short stories. I simply have no time to keep marketing the shorts as I'm busy working on my novels. That said, I enjoy writing the short stories and will continue to do so.

The short stories are of many different genres -- I tried not to limit myself. Literary, horror, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, children, suspense, romance... I also have one science fiction piece but it's not quite ready yet. Perhaps I'll include it in the second edition.

A Bunch of Stories is now available on Amazon.com for the Kindle (or Kindle on iPhone/iPod Touch -- if you haven't already, download the free app from Apple App Store!), as well as a paperback (and downloadable version) on Lulu.com. Individual stories are also in Kindle format on Amazon.com.

Paperback (6x9")

Kindle/Kindle on iPhone (eBook)


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