Day 9

Having a blah day so far. It seems like the weekly mood swing has returned, and this morning I was rather down in the dumps for no reasons. Absolutely no reasons at all. It simply seemed like nothing interest me at all, including getting out of bed. Even putzing around seemed like a chore. I don't understand this. I mean, life is good right now. I just booked a gig and received several residual checks. The book is coming along. Last time I checked, I still have friends. So I really don't understand this weekly scheduled event of being down.

Writing about it helps a little. Now I feel like maybe I will actually do something.


I did manage to have a pretty good day. Got things done and felt better about everything. Well, actually, it's not like I was unhappy about anything. Like I said, it was just a general malaise. Not to mention I have this uncomfortable pimple on my face -- ugh, it's been a long time since I had one. Must be stress related.

This evening I started to watch Bridge Over River Kwai just to get a better sense of the time period and settings, etc. It was an interesting movie, but dated. Very typical of the WWII movies in the 50s and 60s, even though it was directed by master David Lean. The central story with Saito and Nicholson is very interesting: the politics, the power struggle, the scheming. The thread with Sheers is rather flat, however, and almost stereotypical American. Still, the movie gave me lots of ideas and details to use in my own novel. Since I couldn't be there in 1943 or get any first-person narrative, this is the best alternative.

My own scene has come along quite well, and the characters, including new characters, are speaking to me. I like it.

500 words today, 4000 words total
356 days, 181500 words to go


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