Day 10

Ah, Ten. The magic number.

I can't believe it's already been ten days since I started this thing, and I'm still doing it. So far so good. I figure in just three months, before Christmas, I would have 45000 words down and maybe that would be the end of my first draft? And then I can start on my new novel. One can only hope.

Thursday is usually a blah day for me, but since I already had my blah day yesterday, today's looking good. I've already told a few friends on Facebook how weird they are, so all is good! But I think I'll do something different today -- I'm going to try to take a nap. It's not easy to take a nap when you're working and running around, but I think I will try to do that today. I also need to go to the gym today. It's been a few days... hmmmmm... surely I can write and work out on the same day, if not at the same time!


Motivation is the problem today, not moods or lack of coffee. I guess you can run on full at all times, and sooner or later the tank is going to be empty, and now it's time to ask myself, "Where the heck is the gas station?"

But like Charlaine Harris said, "Writing is work. I don't wait for inspiration. I have deadlines."


Not feeling my best today. Perhaps it's because I didn't sleep well last night or something, but I'm really having a hard time focusing. Head hurts. Stomach is queasy. Just want to sleep it off.

500 words today, 4500 words total
355 days and 181000 words


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