Days 18, 19, 20

Hey baby, long time no see.

Weekends continue to be a real challenge for me to meet my writing goals. Yes, excuses again, but they are real. The distractions are not kind to people like me who love to procrastinate, eat bon bons and take long naps. Not to mention the Fall-like weather was so pleasant that I just wanted to get out and play. OK, no excuses, I promise.

I did manage to get some work done. The great thing about weekends is that I could sleep in, and I do work better in the middle of the night. It's easier for me to get into "the zone." Still, I have a hard time "letting go" and just write. That's something I'll continue to work on.


1000 words, 8500 words total
345 days and 177000 words to go


Carpe Diem said…
God, Ray! You made me go to Urban Dictionary!

LOL. Kudos.

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