Day 12 and 13

Weekend. Ah, my Achilles' Heels.

What is it about weekends that make working on my WIP so much more difficult? I certainly have the time. But anyway, that's something I need to work out.

But that's not what's on my mind right now. I'll make up the slack one way or another, and I'm actually psyched about the next scenes or two, so I am not sweating. Yet.

What's on my mind is the topic of friendship. In my WIP, the theme of friendship is very strong. There are multiple important and extraordinary friendships in the story. Makes me realize some of the amazing stories in the world are about friendship. Bromance is the hot thing now, and something like The Hangover is popular not only because it's hilarious, but also because of the strong friendships in the story. We can all identify with the importance of that. Who doesn't value and yearn for those once-in-a-life-time friendship that may last longer than any romantic relationships one can have?

I guess what I've been contemplating while working on the novel is my own friendships. People have come in and out of my life. Close friends have drifted apart. New friendships have been formed. What makes me sad is some of my closest friends have disappeared or the friendship has changed. And I can only count on my hand the number of friends I can trust my life on. Maybe not even that. I used to have those kind of friends in my life, but now it seems like they're rarer and rarer. So what makes such friends indispensable? What makes them so important part of our lives? And how do we keep them? Is there any kind of friendship that really can stand the test of time, distance, and circumstances?

That's absolutely something I'd like to explore in my novel.

500 today, 6000 words so far
352 days, 179500 words to go


Kathy said…
Ray, I feel that my sisters are my best friends. I've lost some good friends over the years, but I know my sisters will always be there for me.

Other friends have drifted away for no apparent reason.

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