Day 5

It's been a lazy day, and I mean, LAZY day. Slept in, lingered in bed, had something to eat, went back to bed, lounged, did nothing kind of lazy.

But you know, that kind of life is good. I do think sometimes we are WAY too busy. Trying to cram too much in our lives, trying to do everything, be everything to everyone, and have way too many responsibilities and duties and obligations and what have you. It's really nice to be able to get that off the table and just relax and be ourselves. Just for a moment focus on your own needs and your own center. If only just a brief moment.


Yup, I'm up and I'm ready to go. LOL. Have a dinner party in about two hours, though, so I'm not sure what I can get done in the meantime. Still, I'm determined to see this challenge through so I suppose I will have to burn the midnight oil to get some words down. Since I said "writing crap" was allowed, can I just write 500 words of gibberish?

I guess not.


Just got back for an evening out with friends, dinner, etc. and I'm full. The sad thing is, it's already after midnight so technically speaking, the day is done, and my word count is 0. ZERO. So, I failed to meet today's challenge. But that's okay. Life is not a race and the daily quota is a guideline, not a death sentence (okay, what did I say about "excuses"?) I'll absolutely have to make up for it this weekend.

0 words today, 2000 words so far
360 days and 183500 words to go


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