(Unnecessary) Stuff that Writers Obsess Over...

Yes, I've been there before, but now I can look back and chuckle. And I can cringe at other writers asking the same questions. Seriously, folks, just write, and fudge about these silly questions (at least not until you're ready to submit)! And honestly, a lot of these questions would be answered if the writer had read a wide range of published fiction.

TOP TEN questions aspiring writers ask that simply don't matter in the grand scheme of things:

10. Can I change point of view characters?
9. Should I italicize or underline thoughts?
8. Should I have a prologue/Epilogue?
7. Am I mixing tenses if I use participial clauses in past tense?
6. Must my character be likable?
5. I need to change my characters' names, but they are perfect, what should I do?
4. What font should I use when I WRITE?
3. How do I indicate a scene change?
2. How long should a scene be?
... and
1. How long should a chapter be?


Carpe Diem said…
I remember, back then, when I was utterly concerned about whether I should use a computer, a typewriter, or pen and paper to write.

By the way, I myself do think it's really important to write in a comfortable font. For example, if it's fantasy, I just can't stand, say, Arial, and it's realism the last font I'd be using would be Times New Roman, for example. That could either mean I am developing and OCD or that I am too much of a noob.
Ray Wong said…
The point is... you can choose any font you want, you feel comfortable with!

Now, when you're ready to submit, that's a whole different matter. :)

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