3000 Words

3122, to be exact.

To some of my writer friends, that's a pitiful number. They eat that for breakfast. They do that many words in an hour, when they're still asleep.

For me, it's a triumph. I write so damn slowly, that's why.  In a good week, I average about 4000 words. In a bad one, I average 0.

This week I've written over 7000 words.

The best part of this little triumph is that I've now finished writing Part 2 of The Terrapin's Trail. Considering Part 3 is already partially written, I'm THIS close to getting to the end. I'm already itching for the rewrite, so I can't wait.

I love it when I can't wait to get to work. It's a great feeling. Whatever is clogging is finally free and loose, and it feels great (sorry for the constipation analogy... it's only natural).

I'm still far short of my 500-words-a-day goal, but I'm only happy to get the first draft done by my birthday. And it seems like I may very well accomplish that goal.

What a great feeling.


Congrats on a great writing week! I'm a slow writer, too. It's painful sometimes.

Btw, I really enjoyed your Comic-Con posts. Man, I'd love to go someday.
Ray Wong said…
You should... it's fun. I've done three years already and am thinking if I should skip next year.

And thanks for your encouraging words! We slow writers don't get the love and support sometimes. Everyone expect us write two or three books a year. LOL.

Slow writers unite!

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