Comic Con - Part Five

By this time of the day, I was pretty beat, for just sitting around!  Will Ferrell to the rescue. That was his second panel at Comic Con this year, and he was on stage now with the radiant Eva Mendes and the very buff Mark Wahlberg to promote their new film, The Other Guys. The panel and the promo were kind of boring, to be honest. Same old same old. But Ferrell, Mendes and Wahlberg were all in great spirit and they had a good rapport with one another.

The funniest moments came when they opened up the floor for Q&As. That was when they let go and just let it rip. They quick wit was much appreciated, and they brought the house down they tried to have some fun with a 14-year-old fanboy. Eva kept flirting with him and telling him he was a bit too young for her, while Wahlberg made a few masturbation jokes. The kid was such good sport... so was his mom, who approached the mike and said, "Hi Eva, I just want you to know, I'm his mother."  Now that shut Wahlberg and Mendes up really quick. But Mom saved the day by adding, "And I have to say, you look beautiful, Eva, and I'm a big fan." Whew!  Awkward moment averted.

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell, Adam McKay (director), Eva Mendes, Mark Wahlberg

The last panel of the day was the Green Hornet. Honestly, I've had my doubt about the whole thing since I heard Seth Rogen was going to be the Green Hornet himself. Rogen dropped over 50 pounds to play Britt Reid/Green Hornet, but he still looked too goofy. Don't get me wrong, Rogen is very personable and likable, and has an endearing, self-deprecating comedic style. I just wasn't sure about the comedy angle, and having a comedian playing the leading role. I just wasn't impressed. I was hoping director Michel Condry (the famed director of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind) would do wonder to the material.

They did show a trailer and some clips, and I have to say, Jay Chou looked awesome as Kato. Is he a match to the legendary Bruce Lee? Nobody would dare say that. But I think Chou holds his own very well. He looks the part, his bad accented English actually an asset. And can that guy move and kick!  I predict that even if The Green Hornet bombed at the box office, the world will take notice of Chou.

Another surprise was that Christoph Waltz, fresh off his Oscar win, plays a villain in the movie. In person, Waltz is so serious and uptight -- maybe he just didn't like to be in the spotlight (many actors are like that in real life, ironically). He answered the questions directed to him tersely, and he lacked a sense of humor, which was an odd juxtaposition to Rogen's loosey-goosey style.

Seth Rogen

Michel Condry, Christoph Waltz

After the events at Hall H were over (we didn't stay for Kevin Smith -- I heard him talk last year and wasn't too impressed), I got to finally walk around the exhibition hall. Like Christoph Waltz said at the panel, I'm not really a comic book fan, but I enjoyed looking at the memorabilia, merchandize, and artwork. I also enjoyed the large-scaled statues and displays; they were too cool.

Bumblebee (Transformers)

TRON: Legacy


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