The eBook Saga Continues...

So, after trying to get Lulu to help distribute the eBook edition of The Pacific Between in iBookStore and getting nowhere (those people were rather incompetent, and I sure was not going to BUY their $179 conversion package. What a ripoff), I just found out Apple now accepts applications from individuals and small presses. No longer do we need to go through a third-party company such as Lulu to get our books in iBookStore.

What's even more outstanding is that the new iWork/Pages (which I use anyway) will export to ePub format, which iBooks uses. What's great is that it confirms to ALL of the strict validation criteria of the iBookStore. Apple even gives you a template to use to create your ePub file that will automatically include a Table of Contents and also cover page. Now, that's slick and painless.

I tried it out this morning and it worked. The eBook looks really nice on iBooks. The submission process for iBookStore was rather painless as well, and Apple gives us a free tool called iTunesProducer that helped the submission process. Literally without half an hour I had my ePub file ready to go and submitted to iBookStore. Now, it has to go through the publishing and distribution queue so it will show up in their catalogue, but that's just a bit more waiting. The hard work has been done.

Will let you all know when it is available on iBookStore.

The Kindle edition, by the way, has been available since earlier this year. Here's the link if you're interested:  The Pacific Between (Kindle Edition)

This is the Kindle edition of my short story collection, A Bunch of Stories


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