100 Reviews

I just realized I have crossed the 100th mark with my reviews. I've just published the 101th review (The Family Stone). The Chronicles of Narnia was my 100th.


(The original reviews appeared in Actors Ink)


Jill said…
Man, that's a lot of reviews! What was the worst thing you wrote about and the best?
Ray Wong said…
Hey Jill! Nice to see you here. Hmmm... As far as best and worst movies I wrote about... Best: I think I gave Spider-Man 2 and Passion of the Christ (go figure!) 8.8 each, and Ray (not me, the movie) an 8.7. Worst: Brothers Grimm -- 4.8! I won't go for the scores, though, since they take into account technical merits. For example, I thought "Be Cool" was a crummy movie, but I gave it a 5.8, or I gave Passion of the Christ an 8.8, but personally, I don't really care of it much -- I just thought it was a handsomely made movie.

As far as writing goes, I think I did a very good job reviewing "Closer" (12/2004). I also liked the review of "Motocycle Diaries."

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